Aug 9 2009

Affiliate Marketing: A Win-Win Situation. Interesting Things to Bear in Mind


Why are hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs setting up internet businesses? There are some reasons for this phenomenal trend. Foremost among the reasons is that the Internet opens up an easier access to a wider market. In fact, the whole world becomes the market of the internet business. An internet business physically located in one city, for example in New York, can sell its products to customers that live across the world. Of course, there will arrangements regarding shipment, but such things become SOP or standard operating procedures.

In the present day, a major part of internet businesses is the setting up of affiliate marketing programs. The existence of such programs has attracted not only entrepreneurs and businessmen, but usual individuals who are looking into having their own online business. As a matter of fact affiliate marketing has become the entry point of lots of new businessmen.

Basically, affiliate marketing is a business relationship between the affiliate and the merchant, who is the owner of an internet company which is selling the product.. Upon entering the affiliate marketing program, the merchant is in point of fact reducing the cost of advertising his products. He need not advertise because the affiliates are going to do this part of the business.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned the affiliates will be willing and eager to promote and advertise the products of the merchants, devoid of the hassle of taking orders or the demand of delivering the products punctually, or the pressure of keeping the customers pleased. The affiliates have already specialized in one little aspect of the business, and yet can still become part of one more internet business.

The merchant need not be troubled about wages for the affiliates because he is not obligated to pay salaries. What he should pay for are the commissions of the affiliate that will be computed depending on the agreed compensation package.

You need also to keep in mind that one package is called pay-per-click in which the affiliate is paid when a visitors clicks on the banner of the merchant. One more package is pay-per-lead in which the visitor has subscribed and has provided names of potential clients. And the third package is the pay-per-sale, in which the visitor purchases a product.

The affiliate is not limited by a specific sum of profits. There will be no smallest amount nor greatest sales for the affiliate. The absence of minimum profits removes the pressure on the affiliate, in particular the new ones. And the absence of maximum limit paves the way to huge profits opportunities.

For that reason, the situation created in affiliate marketing is a situation which is advantageous to both the merchant and the affiliate.

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