Jun 8 2009

Building Backlinks to Your Site. Useful Points to Bear in Mind


Build massive traffic to your website with web traffic machines. A good link building strategy is must if you want your website to get good ranking by the search engines. Having a website is not enough. As long as your website is not thousands of back links from quality website, search engines are not going to take notice of your site.

Google Page Rank Algorithm determines the importance of a website by counting the number of back links that website gets from other popular site. You need a good link building strategy in order to start getting good ranking from Google.

Reciprocal link exchange was popular in the past. Google does not give much importance to reciprocal links in ranking now. Many Reciprocal Link Exchanges are popular. Then there is a method known as Three Way Link.

Google now only likes one way back links to your site. You dont need a few hundred back links for your site. You actually need thousands of quality back links to your site.

What type of strategy can help you in building thousands of back links from quality sites? The method that has been used right from the very start of online marketing to the present is to write quality articles that include links to your site.

Article marketing has been used by all the successful internet marketers. It is a time tested method that works and is expected to work in future as well. Other methods have not survived the test of time.

The only difficulty with article marketing is this that you need to write good articles for submission to different directories. You dont need one article but in fact hundreds of them. If you submit the same article to different directories, your articles will be treated as duplicate content.

Article Marketing is a successful link building strategy that can take a few months to start giving results. The problem is how you will write different article for each directory.

Internet marketers have figured out a way around this method. They write three to four version of the same article and submit, spin them with software that generates hundreds of unique versions, they than use software to submit these unique versions to hundreds of directories and ezines.

Websites that link back to your site and the page rank of those websites are important. Linking with irrelevant websites don’t count with the search engines and is a wasted effort. How do search engines decide about the relevance of the website linking back to your website?

Search engines take many factors into account. One of them is the keywords used in the anchor text in linking back to your site. If your site is about love than the anchor text: love making tips may be given more importance than the anchor text: recommended website.

Search engines also consider the page title of the website linking to you. If the website is considered to be an authority site by a search engine like Google, the back link will get more importance.

In short, you should try to get quality back links from those websites that are related to your sites niche. Those websites should be considered as authority sites by the search engines. The anchor text used to link back to your site should contain your site niche related keyword.

Getting back links from authority sites is what counts with the search engines. But it is not easy to get links from authority sites. How to go about it?

You must have heard about social book marking sites and how they work. Social book marking sites like digg, stumbleupon, furl, del.icio.us, propeller etc are considered as authority sites by search engines especially Google. Most of these social sites have a page rank of 6+. Use bookmarking demon.

If you can bookmark your website on these sites, you can get lots of quality one way links. Dont forget, many people visit these social bookmarking sites, so you can get many visitors in addition to back links as well.

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