Jun 19 2009

Directory Submission – One Way Link Building. Interesting Things to Take Into Consideration


Since search engine optimization plays such a huge role in the success of web sites, web masters are constantly looking for ways of giving their site a leg-up on the competition. They want to find and use any technique to get their site listed as quickly and as highly as possible on search engines. One highly effective technique that is often overlooked is directory submission. This technique is a great way of achieving one way link building.

So how do you effectively do directory submission? Well, it’s not something that is overly easy, but if you know what to do, it’ll be as quick and painless as possible. The how-tos are covered in this article on directory submission.

Why Directory Submission?

With the popularity of search engine spiders, computer programs which automatically browse the web looking for sites to add to a search engine, people would think that manual directory submission is no good anymore. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Directory submission is a great tool for web masters. Popular sites like MSN and Yahoo still use directories and users who are looking for sites within a specific genre often use directories as a way of quickly finding only the sites they want to find.

In addition to the fact that directory submission allows specific users to find your site, it also offers to you a unique way of link-building. You see, with directory submission, you are able to link-build without having to pay for your links and without having to return the favor by linking back to the specific site. You are able to have your site listed on a well-known site for free.

Tips for Successful Directory Submission

Directory submission can be easy for those who know what exactly to do. Follow the tips below to make directory submission easy for you.

Tip #1: Complete the Site Before Submitting

If there’s anything directory submission people (who are responsible for reviewing sites before adding them) hate, it’s sites being submitted to them that are not finished. By submitting an unfinished site to the directory, you’re not only setting yourself up for rejection, but you’re also making it harder for the eventual finished site to be listed. Always finish the site before submitting.

Tip #2: Make Sure the Site is SEO’d

In other words, make sure your site is search engine friendly and has quality content on it. Make sure the titles of the pages within your site are good (avoid the user of CAPITALIZED letters) and that the layout is user friendly.

Tip #3: Come Up With a Good Description

Don’t simply state “this is the best x site on the internet”. Instead, create a good, accurate description for your site. Talk about some of the features. Be as concise as possible and make sure the description is appealing to the directory submissions reviewer and users of the site.

Tip #4: Adequately Fill Out the Form

Many people make the mistake of skipping over forms or not filling them out correctly. Don’t make this same mistake. Fill out every single required field, and try to fill out as many of the optional fields as possible.

Tip #5: If There’s a Comments Form, Say Thank You

Since actual people are reviewing your site, it’s a good idea to thank them for taking the time. If there’s a comments field, be sure to say thanks.

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