Jun 8 2009

Get Work From Home Internet Business Opportunities – Advantages And Disadvantages Tips


People often ask me how I make money online working from home. My number 1 disadvantage of working from home on the internet is interruptions by family members while I’m trying to do something productive. Sure there are always interruptions at the office but my work from home internet business resides in my kitchen. I do not unfortunately.

Number 2 is just plain laziness and procrastination. As my own boss it’s easy to put off work from home business in exchange for a nice quiet day in front of the TV watching the discovery channel. It’s rally hard to get motivated sometimes.
Number 3 is finding a good balance between family time work from home business time and my full time job. Yes I still have a full time job. One of the reasons I started a work from home business is so I would have more leisure time with friends and family.
Number 4 is security and not knowing how making money your work from home business is going to make from month to month. Also waiting for checks to show up in the mail that are a few days behind when you need to pay a bill or the mortgage can be an inconvenience. When you are working for someone else for a set amount of hours and a set hourly rate you know exactly what your income will be.

As for the advantages, well I think the advantages far out weigh the disadvantages.

My number 1 work from home advantage is the ability to work whenever I want anywhere I want. With a lap top computer I can pretty much do business anywhere
In the world. No matter were I am, on vacation or on a business trip or whatever. The internet and today’s technology makes a work from home internet business my business of choice.

My number 2 work from home advantage is not having to commute to work every morning. We have all hard the phrases rat race, no commute required and work from home in your pajamas. I have actually worked in my pajamas on the internet with a hot cup of coffee.

My number 3 work from home advantage is not having a boss to tell me what to do all the time. The only boss I have is my consciousness that tells me to get up off the couch and go write an article on my computer or look for places to submit my web site URL to.

And finally my number 4 work from home internet business advantage is the income potential. Basically the income potential for a work from home internet business is endless. It all depends on how hard you want to work and how much time you want to devote to your work from home internet business. And with the amount of people joining the internet community every year, the future is bright.

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