Jul 24 2009

How Much Money Will I Earn Through Adsense?


If you’re looking at Google’s AdSense program you’re certainly asking yourself how much you could earn from such a program, and you possibly think you can’t make as much as you can from usual advertising schemes.

Google, sure, keeps a great deal of confidentiality regarding how much AdWords advertisers pay per each click directed to their site and the same applies for how much AdSense banner holders make from their websites.

While there’s nothing official, rumors circulate around the Internet concerning the amount of cash a website can earn by using AdSense. And many folks (illegally) disclose how much they have been making with AdSense. There are stories of people raising over one thousand dollars per month using AdSense.

There are additionally stories of folks exceeding $100,000.00 per month but it’s a bit hard to accept such stories as true. The truth to the matter is that if you have a small website and you just want it to support itself, and don’t wish to reach your pocket for its maintenance costs you can in all probability do this with AdSense.

AdSense is besides very good for persons who host a lot of pages. Even if the said pages don’t generate a lot of traffic individually, every click counts and you can earn up with a lot of money by doing this. And that just goes to prove that sometimes quantity matters near as much as quality.

There’s no telling how much money you’re going to make by using Google’s AdSense but you can sort of tell for yourself, before really starting, by taking a few things into consideration.

First, is the amount of visits you get every day. While there’s no way to estimate precisely on this, you can usually make a safe assumption that if you have lots of clicks per day you’ll be making good money.

Also, this depends on what exactly your site is about. If your site is about anything trendy (music, sex, whatever) you’re bound to get many banner clicks. These have a coefficient associated with them, called the CTR (click through ratio).

Basically, what it translates to is that if a large proportion of your site’s visitors click the ads you’ll be making more money. And the greatest way to do this is to have some popular content in your site, ensuring the links direct users towards popular items as well.

Then sure, there’s the position and number of ads on your website. While you don’t want to overdo it, having many links will without doubt generate more income for you as a webmaster. Do not however believe, that if you just add a lot of ads in an important portion of your site, visitors could always just skip them (and be certain that many do just that).

There’s something between an art and a science to positioning your ads. Persons normally look in particular places and never look in others, and knowing this a website author and/or webmaster can do a great deal of things to increase his earnings with AdSense.

On the whole, the sum of money you make with AdSense depends on many factors. But if you have a site with interesting contents and/or many pages, and if you see a constantly large amount of traffic every day, you can bet you’ll be making a lot of money with AdSense.

Even if you aren’t in the above categories, AdSense is still worth using as there’s very little hassle in setting it up, and many times it can help financially support the site, whilst being a good bonus to get through the post at the end of the month.

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