Jul 12 2009

SEO Facts and Basics-Small Leap yet Giant Step Towards Internet Marketing Success. Useful Info to Remember


Hearing the acronym SEO is not new for most Internet marketers. Actually, it is one of the unwritten protocols that must be learned and kept in mind by every would-be Internet marketer. Thus, if you are unfamiliar with SEO, you will experience problem in terms of achieving your Internet marketing business goals.

Before discussing SEO to Internet marketing beginners, let us firstly tackle search engines. If you are familiar with Yahoo, Google, or MSN, these are some of the broadly used search engines on the Internet. If you are in search of any information on the Internet, search engines will always be your first and perhaps your sole choice. You will just type several words that are related to the information you are looking for on the search box, and when you click the “search button”, you will be redirected to a page that contains listings of websites containing the words that you type on the search box.

As a result of the popularity of search engines to Internet users, Internet marketers consider it as one of the key tools in getting online buyers. Thus, it paved the way to the birth of SEO as an important point on Internet marketing. The acronym stands for search engine optimization, which is the art of producing web pages that will have high rankings on related search engine results. It is accomplished via optimization of some sections or elements in the HTML coding of every web page. Search engines specifically interpret such sections, and the latter will rank the former according to its level of optimization.

There are numerous methods and opinions on how a certain webpage should be optimized. Such methods and opinions will greatly dependent on the kind website you have, its contents, the idea of its existence, and the existing competition. However, when speaking about general SEO, it heavily depends on the suitable use of certain keywords and/or key phrases that are used to portray your website’s content.

Perhaps you will wonder how these keywords affect the SEO performance of your Internet marketing website. When you seek needed information using some words, you will notice that such words are “highlighted” when search results are displayed. The words that you type on the search box serves as the “keywords” that is utilized by webmasters in optimizing their websites. While it may not be of significance to an Internet user, but it is as good as “gold” for Internet marketers who want their site to be shown on the top pages of every related search engine result.

Keywords that are used in SEO have regular placements on a website. For instance, such keywords must appear on the title section of your webpage’s source code. In addition, it must appear on the META description segment wherein the page is described in an exact manner by repeating the selected keywords. The META section often contains the keywords that are used to describe your site’s content and its product or service.

If you will watchfully analyze the previous discussion, you will notice that the performance of the site’s SEO heavily depends on the keywords that you are using. Hence, the main keywords or key phrases must appear on the first 2 paragraphs of the content of every page, and then scatter it throughout the rest of the page. In scattering your most important keywords, take care that it will be an integral part of the content itself. It must look as if it is among the original content of the page.

Additionally, the last part of each page must be keyword-rich. One of the unwritten rules involving keyword placement is that the keywords density of your page must be between 5 to 15 percent. Although it is advised that you maximize the use of your keywords, avoid using it extremely. A content with keyword density above the standard will not aid on the optimization of your website.

Another consideration in SEO performance of your site is the placement of relative back links, or hyperlinks directing to external sites. It is rather essential in view of the fact that search engine spiders navigate through links. Also, the text of your page relating to external links may also contain keywords.

If you are one of the aspiring Internet marketers who want to take the challenge of earning on the Internet, do not ever stop thinking about the acronym that will lead you to the success of your Internet marketing career-SEO.

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