Aug 17 2009

What Is PPC And How Did It Start?


It’s very important for advertisers to reach audience and pull them in. As such, there are many ways to get customers, such as pay per click or PPC advertising. If you’re wondering “What is PPC?” you can start to understand it in becoming familiar with the world of advertising itself. This field has come a long way from where it was and the problems it suffered when it first came about. Check how to make quick money for more information on affiliate marketing.

As already mentioned, if you were a seller, advertising could be a tricky business. You might pay to have an ad placed somewhere only to find that it brings you no business. Since only a small percentage of viewers actually buy anything, you really need to get viewers in the first place. You certain don’t want to have to keep throwing money away.

There were various factors that determined the amount you would have to pay, but in general, after dealing with this system for a while, people were pushing for something different. Thankfully, when pay per click advertising came about, it revolutionized things a lot. It was a good value and you were able to place ads right where you wanted them.

It seems we first started to see these trends when Google AdSense was released by the home company in 1999. Google was already becoming a recognized and growing name at that point in terms of their search engine capabilities, so it was only natural they extended themselves even further. Now advertisers could work with good keywords.

The service also helped because those people who were selling certain things could get matched to searches that were relevant for them. The advertisers didn’t have to pay a flat rate up front – rather they’d pay for the service in terms of how effective it was. In other words, in terms of how many people actually looked at the ads, and clicked through.

Clearly, there was a lot for advertisers to love, but the same held true for people who actually owned the websites. Even if they weren’t getting paid no matter what, they could manipulate things to their advantage in terms of advertisement placement and its ability to catch viewers’ eyes – they still made considerable amounts of money in the process.

Many actually made is just one of many websites that might not survive without it. There’s no reason for it to go away though – everybody gets what they want, whether it be attention for their product or a profit.

PPC advertising offered people many new possibilities and gave them the terms they were looking for in terms of their advertising potential. Google AdSense is still running, and other services like it have come about since, so there are a lot of options. If you’re on either side of the advertising world, you might want to consider using this method.

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