Apr 4 2011

4 Simple Tips For Discovering The Right Mindset For Success


Why did this happen to me?

If you’re human, then you have probably experienced this feeling before!
Great!.. Another obstacle or challenge to make things worse.

As if we didn’t have enough distractions already! I remember one of my co-workers mentioning to me that ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change… Hmm, think about this…

Hardships that can actually be good for you?

Yeah…Just like that needle you got in your arm at the doctor’s office…
Sometimes it takes hardships for us to recognize an opportunity for growth.
When we change our attitude towards challenges in our life, this mental conditioning will help us turn hardships into advantages and gives us “EXPERIENCE”


Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.
“ No matter how random things may appear, there is always a plan behind everything.”
I stole this line from Hannibal in the movie the “A-Team”… Man it rips!
It is very important to remember how we handle hardships and challenges can help us become either stronger leaders or bitter followers.

“We Choose Our Destiny”

Sometimes we experience unfair treatment, we may feel that we our being unreasonably punished but we have to realize that this is a test of our character as well.
God is not the author of hardship, but he uses it to promote us.
When we pass the test of hardships and challenges… we receive the rewards of being faithful. God has a plan for us, but it is up to us to work the plan.

Tips For Self Improvement For Success You Can Use Right Now…

1) It is important not to focus on mistakes, don’t question yourself
2) Always focus on your potential so that you can move forward.
3) Your opponent (challenge) can’t win if you don’t quit.
4) Most importantly, never ever give up hope, especially during a storm.

Hardship is not about failing, but gauging where we are, learning to master the things we need to learn in order NOT to repeat the same mistakes and move to the next level.Things happen for a reason…the key is to be able to capitalize when opportunities appear.
Trail… Tested… and True.

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