Aug 11 2009

Affiliate Marketing In E-Zines. Helpful Facts to Consider


Affiliate marketing is all about promoting the product. But it is not cold or hard selling. The affiliate lures the Internet user to visit his website by offering information and even free online courses. The visitor of the affiliate’s website will find the complimentary information and will even enroll in the free online course. And while reading the informative articles, the visitor will slowly be convinced of the value of certain products.

And when the visitor realizes the value of certain products, he will most likely click the banner that links to the website of the merchant who manufactures the product or who officially sells the product. The affiliate does not do the direct selling. The affiliate simply sets the mind of the visitor, who is the target client, so that this visitor will be easier to convince to proceed to the purchase or order form of the merchant’s website.

Therefore, for an affiliate marketing business to be thriving, the promotional strategies carried out by the affiliate should as well be thriving. One that will contribute to the success of such promotion is the utilization of e-zines.

An e-zine is basically a newsletter which is emailed to the subscribers of the e-zine. This newsletter contains the types of information that the subscriber has already expressed a willingness to read about. And when an ad is placed together with such information, the subscriber will be made aware of the presence of the products promoted by the affiliate.

There are two types of e-zine ads that an affiliate can pay for. The first category is similar to a banner ad. It contains a couple of sentences composed of well-chosen words that will entice the reader to visit the website of the affiliate. An affiliate can easily write such an e-zine ad because he already has promotional materials for the products.

The next category of e-zine ad is called the solo ad. In such e-zine ad category, the newsletter being mailed to the subscriber contains only the ad of the affiliate and nothing more. As a rule, such a solo ad is mailed separately from the regular newsletter. For instance, if the newsletter is sent every Tuesday of the week, the solo ad is sent on a Thursday or a Friday.

There is no limit to the number of words placed in a solo ad. But the affiliate must keep in mind that such a solo ad is sent through email. Consequently, the solo ad should not be too long that reading it will take up so much time that the subscriber is not willing to sacrifice. The typically suggested number of words is 500.

With e-zine ads, the opportunities of earning more boost. And the affiliate moves closer towards that goal of affiliate marketing success.

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