Jul 8 2010

Let’s review Gary’s WordPress autoresponder plugin


A free wordpress email autoresponder is the most cost-effective way to start building an opt-in email list of subscribers to your newsletter. As you may know, an opt-in newsletter is perhaps worth its weight in gold, because the list members have voluntarily chosen to get your personal or company correspondence. They await valuable content from you on a regular basis. You therefore have a captive audience who you can feed great stuff: building their trust, loyalty and word-of-mouth about your expertise and brand.

Presently, only one free free wordpress email autoresponder exists on the English-speaking Internet market today. That is – Gary Pomerant’s GWA AutoResponder. I will have a look at this piece of software today, so you can get an idea of its worth and feature-set.

The GWA Autoresponder is a handy plugin that you download and install in your WordPress backend. It takes about ten minutes to setup and then you are ready to grab visitors to your website and allow them to quickly subscribe to your newsletter. Once the plugin is installed, you may simply create newsletter “messages” to automatically deliver to subscribers, chose the delivery dates (e.g. on day 1, day 7, day 14, less frequently or more frequently). The newsletter is then delivered via an auto-responder function to all new subscribers to your list.

The plugin also provides additional functionality such as:
- a subscription form widget that can be placed in the sidebar of your website
- ability to schedule daily mailings of pre-written material
- an easy-to-use GWA control panel for newsletter management
- a mass-mail option so you can send special messages to all your subscribers at once
- a portable sign-up form for the same list that you can use on multiple websites

Gary has left no stone unturned with his product, as he provides free membership benefits including:
- tutorials on how to operate and get the most out of the plugin
- a forum for discussion of the plugin with other users
- bonus gifts for free users, like “Ebook: Top 15 IM Questions Answered!” and “50 INSTANT Internet Marketing ARTICLES”
- a support ticket system for professional response to any support issues

In general, I see no downside to this free wordpress email autoresponder – it is free, fully-functional and well-supported. It works with the latest version of WordPress and it is updated each time WordPress gets updated.

Highly recommended!

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