Jan 9 2010

Making Moola On the Web Is a Piece of Cake — Insider Secrets Revealed


Can the typical Joe really make money?

The quick answer is of course, well okay “maybe”. You see making money online is very easy, then again creating the sort of income that motivates the majority of us requires a bit more.

browse the web for any extent of time, and you will certainly discover at least a dozen so called cash generating pitches that guarantee to liberate you from your current economic problems. For just $7 (or $47 , or $89 , or no cost) by our newest ebook, do these amazingly easy steps (yeah right) and you will be rolling in the cash in no time at all.

No stupid way.

Gibberish skillfully camouflaged in smart copy.

The hallow guarantees these offers build makes me want to heave. Don’t mistake me, it is easy to earn money internet, but it doesn’t come for just few bucks or with no effort on your part. No, to be really honest building a enterprise on the internet, like building a brick and mortar enterprise is going to require an investment of at least a couple of thousand dollars in startup and then a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars a month in marketing and maintenance.

Just like a bona fide enterprise.

The get moneyed quick group has tainted the entire home based enterprise arena, and it’s full time we set the record straight. The MLM industry is partly to blame for the distorted perception with the over zealous members taught to sell the dream ad nauseam, and worst yet to go bug their family and friends to join them in a failing endeavor.

So what does it really take to earn money internet?

Well, in a word: “marketing”… (and of course some hard work)

Obviously a product is mandatory, but without marketing, the best product in the world isn’t going anywhere. And, fortunately for us making a living internet, marketing on the internet is simple, and once you get is setup correctly, basically hands free.

Marketing on the internet involves two major factors: developing a “sales funnel” and then driving massive traffic to that sales funnel. The bad news is setting up a highly optimized sales funnel is time consuming, and costly, the good news is once it’s setup, you can focus the majority of your efforts on driving the traffic to the front end.

But driving traffic is easy as long as you have some sort of marketing budget to work with. I teach a monkey to generate 2000 leads a month, so as long as the sales funnel is set up to produce consistent results, you should be able to generate a 300% to 400% return on investment. At least that’s what my sales funnel achieves.

Here’s where numerous people get tripped up. They assume that joining an affiliate program or even an multi-level marketing enterprise, is building a enterprise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Going down that path alone and you are building the enterprise of the affiliate owner or multi-level marketing enterprise, not your own.

Now, I have as part of my sales funnel both affiliate programs, and multi-level marketing businesses but they are part of my money making machine, not the sole thing I do. And my sales funnel is setup and controlled by me. There are services to be had that specialize in teaching people on how to setup world class sales funnels, and in fact discover the right one and you can get a basic setup to start profiting with immediately.

So of course, you can make money … if you do it right.

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