Nov 5 2008

The Affiliate Prophet Secret Tips – Proven Online Systems For Making Money!


The key to having a simple system that works online constitutes some of the following:

The number one key, I think is finding a niche that is profitable, but just not any niche, but one that will make you money at Simple Online Systems that Make Money.

Then you need to pick keywords much more precisely. You don’t want to hear the crap that the gurus will tell you about finding low hanging fruits (long tail keywords only) because some of those keywords phrases don’t monetize. The people who are searching for those keyword phrases may only want information and not necessarily a product.

Don’t waste time on a bunch of junk keywords that are not directly related to the product that you are promoting. You need the best keywords and in order to find these, you have to know where to look.

Get your pay per click campaign in high gear. Believe me, this is where you will make money faster especially if you have targeted keywords that will convert. This includes have excellent ad copy. If you have these two components, then there is no way that you won’t make a lot of money online. It does not matter what type of PPC platform you are running your ads. You will convert if you have the right keywords and the best ads.

Make sure you automatically create the landing page. You don’t want to upset Google with outlandish pages that don’t fit their specifications. You will get slapped by Google and your ads will disappear, which cost you much more out of pocket cost to recover these ads. Take a look at Affiliate Marketing Made Simple.

Tracking is very important to pay per click ad campaigns. How are you going to know which ads are performing if you don’t create a tracking plan? As you go along, tracking will help you to make changes and refine your ads. You have to know which keywords put more money in your pocket and those are the keywords you will have to focus on. However, you need automatic tracking so that you don’t have to do this manually because it can get very time consuming and confusing.

Once you have these significant recommendations into place such as, then you keep doing it over and over again because if it works, why change what is working? And this is currently working for smart marketers who know how important keyword marketing really is. This is the kind of online marketing system that is already proven to work.

Your next step after your keyword research results have been successful is to find the most profitable product that sells. You can start out as an affiliate marketer until you can create your own product through the learning curve.

If you would like to learn more about simple internet marketing systems that are already working, then I invite you to visit my blog at Make Money with Simple Online Systems. to see my recommendations.

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  1. David Lee Venters said:

    long tail keywords are were the money is and it dont take money to find them out amazon is a good place or google

    November 11th, 2008 at 4:43 pm


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