Nov 4 2009

The More Advanced Side of Using Press Releases the more Techi Things


OK, so now you know from my prior post that youhave to write press releases to become a trusted Expert. You know that they’re good for business, your blog, or whatever it is that you are attempting to do. But how exactly do you go about it? And in this post, I’m not talking about the content, since I covered that in the last post. Here’s the things you need to figure out to get your post seen by the right folks :

How you’re going to pass out the press release. There are many options out there. First off , you must decide your main distribution. There are many press release distribution services out there, both paid and free. While you have got to pay cash for the paid service ( duh ), the top paid services have a much wider and larger distribution. ( It’s really a case of getting what you pay for. ) if you are truly strapped for money, stick with the free one, getting your message out to some folk is better than none. These are some PR distribution services :

  • (my favorite)

You must also make efforts to always simultaneously publish your press releases to your web press room / latest news area of your internet site, which I am sure you all built after my last post, right?

Two. What keywords you’re going to target. You need to treat your press release just like every other kind of content that you put on your site. And all your content needs to keep in mind those keywords that may resonate with your buyer personas.

3. What links you’re going to include. At the very least you must include a link to the area of your website that the release is talking about. Ideally, any time you mention something about your company, you should be including a link. Talking about the company history, or if you are the company, information about you? Then link to the About Us / Bio page. Remember, you want to make it straightforward for your buyers / readers to find you.

4. The social media you’re going to employ. Using social media tags will make your press releases better to find, and they also give you the opportunity to reach new buyers / readers in the explicit niche that youare looking to target. The huge ones are Technorati,, and DIGG, but there are lots of more . If you’re not positive how to go about using social media tags, Todd Defren at SHIFT Communications has a social media press release template that they have made available for free ; you’ll be able to find it at

And do not forget to mention your reports on your Twitter and Facebook as well , but those Social Media tools and the way to use them to become a Trusted Expert merit a post all their own.

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