May 30 2009

Types of CPA Offers – Pay Per Action. Interesting Things to Know


There are many different CPA offers you might see as a CPA marketer. It can seem overwhelming at first to try and figure out what all the different offers are! Some common types you might run across are free trial offers, zip submit, e-mail submit, and those that are similar to affiliate sales.

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We’ll start off with free trial offers, because they are so well loved by companies and by the marketers who promote the offers. That’s because these free trial offers are often completely free to the customer, except for shipping. This way they can get an excellent product for an incredibly low price. It’s easy to promote these with the right product as enticement!

Since you are a marketer, you might be wondering how this benefits you. Well, even though the offer is free to the customer, the companies are generally more than willing to pay generous commissions (such as $20 -$100 per free offer sold) in exchange for this lead!

Do keep in mind that many of these free trial offers are forced continuity programs — meaning that by accepting the free trial offer, your visitors are signing on for a monthly fee to receive the product every month. However, it is out of your hands and is for the company to deal with. Your job is just to bring that lead!

That means that you get a high commission on something that is easy to convert, and all you have to do is drive the customer there in the first place. These free trial offers are amazingly popular for a reason!

Another type of offer is zip submit. All people have to do in order for you to get paid is enter their zip code. The company presenting the offer always has something on the back end that is a way for them to collect the customer’s information or get them to make a purchase. However, if it is a zip submit you get paid a certain amount just for that — no matter if the customer ever buys from that company!

These are very easy to convert, though they are generally low-paying. You will tend to earn between $1-$5 for these offers. Still, if you are able to get a good volume of traffic, you can easily make money with zip submits.

A very similar type of offer is e-mail submit. List building is very valuable, and companies are willing to pay quite a bit in exchange for e-mail addresses. That’s where you come in! All the customer needs to do is enter their e-mail address and you get paid. Like a zip submit, the payouts are fairly low, but you can make up for it in volume.

You will also find offers in many CPA networks that are very similar to other affiliate offers you might have come across. These generally pay per sale. For every sale you make, you will get a set percentage or dollar amount.

These are some of the types of CPA offers you will come across as you browse through the networks. It’s a good idea to try different ones to see what you find converts best, depending on what niche you are working in. These offers can be quite profitable for you!

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