May 19 2012

Tech Recipe Guide 101: Windows 7 Task Scheduler


Are you having a difficult time keeping up with your demanding schedule? Microsoft Corporation was in a position to build up a software to assist its users muddle through their businesses. Save time and turn out to be more beneficial by using the modern Windows 7 Task Scheduler.

Even though they sound similar, Task Manager Processes Clean up is in fact different from the Windows Task Manager. It was in the Windows 95 Plus! pack that it primarily introduced as System Agent but at the time Windows 98 emerged, its term has been changed to Task Scheduler.

The Windows 7 Task Scheduler would allow you to automatically accomplish routine tasks on the certain computer. Examples of the things you can make with this tool are to launch a particular program, send an e-mail or shut down a computer on a pre-defined schedule.

To fully maximize the advantages of this application, you have to first familiarize yourself with its two basic concepts – ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’. A trigger is what initiates a specific job to be completed. When the factors of a ‘trigger’ have been met, afterwards the pre-assigned task will be executed. On the other hand, we call the particular task done when the task is run as ‘action’.

Basically, there are two kinds of triggers that would set off a task: event-based and time-based trigger. Triggers that are event-based would have a task started by a specific system occurrence.

Perhaps a user has scheduled a program to be launched the moment the computer starts up, this program will automatically be started right after the user logs on. Time-based triggers include the scheduled task as daily, weekly and monthly.

To access the Windows 7 Task Scheduler, just click the startup button, access the Control Panel, go to System and Security and navigate to the Administrative Tools. When you get there, click the Task Scheduler.

All other previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system also have task scheduling tools, however the latest Windows 7 Task Scheduler is certainly a polished edition. Unlike with Windows XP, it could still perform tasks regardless that a user has already logged out and once the password has been changed, the tasks are automatically updated too.



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